Wednesday, 29 May 2013

yarn along - another blanket?................

I'm joining in with Ginny today, I really missed not being part of last weeks yarn along. I have to confess that the lovely ripple blanket I started two weeks ago (that may turn out to be a cushion) is still sitting on the top of my yarn basket willing me to pick it up and make it in to something useful - but I have sort of gone off it. While I decide what to do with it I picked up some of my favourite Amalfi yarn and started a granny square - it should have been a small one to go with a batch of them I've already made but for some reason I just carried on and on and on - it's growing nicely but I'm not sure what in to.
My crochet projects are all a bit disjointed at the moment I have about 5 different things on the go but that's OK I think and I am really enjoying my granny square. It's very soothing I can do my rows of trebles with little thought and can even watch television without risk of going wrong.

On holiday I read a lot of crime fiction and now that I'm home I've started something different, a true story about  midwifery in the East End of London in the 1950's "Call the Midwife" I enjoyed the television series based on the book so I'm sure the book won't disappoint.

Hope you all have a good day and lets hope the sun comes out soon as we have had non stop rain so far.

talk soon x


  1. I really like your granny square so far, lovely colours.
    M x

  2. I love the colors on your granny square!

  3. Great granny squares! You are going to love the Call the Midwife book. There are two more books to look forward to after you finish this one. I loved all three!

  4. That yarn looks yummy. I would like to read those books too

  5. The yarn looks beautiful, is it cotton? I have read all the books, some of it is a little bit grittier than the TV series but all in context I hasten to add.
    My dad grew up in the east end of London so I was curious to see if life was as hard as he tried to tell me, I think it was, and my mum was a young nurse in the 50's and they met in London! Needless to say I enjoyed the books very much.

  6. I have a copy of "Call the Midwife" sitting here and I'm itching to read it. I have loved the show. The yarn you're using is really pretty, I love the colors.

  7. Hi Sue, your growing granny square is looking lovely - I do like your colours! I am resting my ripple blanket at the moment too cause I needed to get into some softer colours for a while. It's all okay - we can do that - it's whatever makes your heart sing at any given time, I think!
    We have recently watched the second series of Call the Midwife and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it - I'm sure you'll love the book(s).
    I wish you sunshine - loads of it - I should think it must be difficult to put up with the rain after Portugal!
    Joy x

  8. The colors in your granny square are lovely!

  9. Your blanket is gorgeous! I really need to get my knitting out (now that it's officially cold here) and start making one I think.

    I also loved the tv series of Call the Midwife and am so glad that they are filming a third season. I might just have to pick up the book as well :)

  10. Hi Sue,
    Thanks for sharing your WIP in the Link Party! I love the colour choices you made for your granny square.
    Have a great day!

  11. Cool colors! Found you at Barbara's linky party! :)

  12. Hello Sue. Thank you so much for your lovely comment over at mine. I really appreciate you reading that post and also feel so grateful that I did it as I have met another person with a similar journey. I am so sorry to hear that yours has been so long, but I am however pleased to hear that you did manage to work for some time, but so sorry that you had to stop. I hope that your love for crochet is giving you daily hope and inspiration for good and happy moments in life. I know just how much I get from it. I love this yarn link up and I might just have to join in (does it have to be on a wednesday?) I really love the colours for your granny square blanket, it looks great. You have a lovely blog and I really look forward to spending lots more time here. xo

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, the link opens on a Wednesday but it remains open for a few days. Hope you join in with yarn along next week x

  13. Love the colours on your granny square. Ooh, I want to dive right in!
    Jones x

  14. Hello Sue,
    Crocheting a blanket is such a pleasure to do and a stress/yarn reducing project :)
    your granny square looks very nice, you have a good eye for combining colors. I am curious how your blanket will look when it gets larger.


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