Sunday, 6 January 2013

new responsibilities - and getting back to normal ........

Kate and Jake went home yesterday which felt like the end of the Christmas and New Year festivities. It's time to get back to my normal routine. The house feels very quiet and tidy. I have taken down all of the Christmas decorations and they are packed, labelled and stored away until next December.

This year I will be doing some extra grandchildren minding to help my daughters. Vicky starts a new job on Monday, which will be fantastic for her as she has been trying so hard to get back into the workforce. 

Currently I look after Vicky's three children, Alex, Finn and Daisy after school on a Tuesday and I look after Zach and Noah on a Wednesday for Laura. I will now be collecting Daisy from Nursery school on a Wednesday lunchtime and she will stay overnight and go home on a Thursday after I pick Alex and Finn up from school. 

Wednesdays will be busy but Daisy, Zach and Noah always play so well together. I am looking forward to this special time with the little ones as time races by so quickly and Daisy and Zach will start full time school in September.

With my extra child care commitments I feel it's important that I take time to plan my week more carefully so that I can make the most of my free time. I want to continue with my creative pastimes and I am thinking of learning some new crafts this year. The house also needs some care and attention, and some decisions regarding priorities need to take place.

I managed to grab some time with Mr R (aka as husband) to discuss the household projects that needed to be completed this year, and we decided to start with the lounge and give it a freshen up and make over. During the evening we called at B&Q to pick up some DIY supplies and I bought some paint match pots to experiment with, as I have not decided on the new colour scheme, although I do want it to be quite neutral. 

I think I am turning into Kirsty as I really want to go to auctions and second hand sales to find some interesting vintage furniture. 

Our lounge isn't a very big room so I will be limited by room size and also the things that can't change, I will have to keep the current sofa, chairs, carpet, TV and light fittings. New things will be curtains, cushions, possible new/old units and accessories plus new colour scheme. It feels very exciting - I am looking forward to the challenge.

Talk soon x


  1. Hi Sue, just stopped by to say how amazed I am at your rate of blogging and all the crafting and cooking you've done over the festive season - and now redecorating, what a woman! I have been reading with interest, but as I've been away or tied up with the kids it's always been on my iphone which is tricky to leave comments on.

    Your daughters must be so thankful to have you looking after their children while they work, it makes life that much easier I'm sure.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with at the auctions etc.

    1. Hi Barbara, it's always lovely to get a comment from you - thank you for reading my blog.
      I am quite busy but I am always thankful to have such a good life with my family, and it's lovely to have such close contact with my grandchildren. I hope you and your family are well.
      Best wishes
      Sue x


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